Director of Operations

Chicago, Illinois, United States · Community Resources


Position Title: Director of Operations

Reports to: Community Resource Department Lead

Supervises: Community Resource Team Leads & Indirect Staff (Quality Analyst, Matching Strategist, Data

Scientists, Data Coordinator)

Collaborates with: Community Resources, Implementation, Sales, and Customer Success departments,

and on occasion New Product Development and Technology, and various NowPow administrative staff

Position Description:

The Director of Operations has three main roles: anticipating and planning for the needs of the

Community Resource department, maintaining and evaluating department performance against

department goals, and optimizing the Community Resource Team.

The Director of Operations is responsible for forcasting the new resource directory requirements,

facilitating communication between the Community Resource, Sales, Implementation, and Customer

Success departments at NowPow. The Director of Operations must also maintain and adjust the work

rates, produce productivity reports, and anticipate the staffing requirements for the Community

Resource department. In addition, The Director of Operations works to evaluate departmental

performance on a regular basis, continuially looking for ways to improve organizational processes,

productivity, and efficiency. The Director of Operations oversees and reviews all process improvement

projects and delegates work in order to achieve these goals. In addition to these duties, the Director of

Operations manages three Team Leads to ensure operational excellence and high employee

engagement. This includes weekly check-ins with these employees to guide their workflow and provide

performance feedback.

Qualifying applicants will demonstrate excellent organizational skills, project management skills, acute

attention to detail, a positive attitude, strong communication skills, and the ability to work between

several diverse teams. The Director of Operations must also have an in-depth knowledge of how

NowPow’s various tools and technologies work and are organized. The Director of Operations also leads

weekly interdepartmental meetings to address new and existing customer requests, and has

demonstrated excellent judgement in NowPow’s Community Resource process.

In addition to the above duties, the Director of Operations manages Team Support for Service

Information, NowPow’s technology for managing ticket requests. While coordinating and triaging Team

Support tickets distributed by Product Support, the Master Scheduler refines workflows to ensure client

and customer requests are handled in a thorough and organized manner, and regularly communicates

to internal and external stakeholders. This role requires communicating and executing timelines for

internal and external tickets, as well as larger new and existing community database building requests.


Scheduling Duties

Customer and Interdepartmental Requests

Maintain and continually evaluate departmental KPIs

Optimize Community Resource Team


Intrapersonal skills

Interpersonal skills

Practical skills

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