Community Engagement Director

Chicago, Illinois, United States · Community Resources


Position Summary:

Position Title: Community Engagement Director

Reports to: Community Resource Leader with strong relationship with Customer Success Leader

Supervises: N/A

Collaborates with: Primarily Community Resources and Customer Success departments, as well as Implementation and New Product Development, other departments as needed

Position Description:

The Community Engagement Director is responsible for creating and executing the strategy to quickly build NowPow community networks and sustain high network partner engagement over time. Network partners are critical self care service providers working to close the loop on self care referrals. Network partners tend to be CBOs but can also be public organizations or affiliates of large health providers or payer.

The Community Engagement Director’s responsibility includes creating the foundation to stand up networks quickly and with ease. This includes identifying and detailing technology solutions like developing an efficient contracting and on-boarding processes to creating partnerships with potential NowPow “distributors” in a community.

Additionally, the Community Engagement Director works to ensure ongoing network partner engagement by working closely with CBOs to understand their capacity to make/take referrals; and leveraging existing CBO networks, especially those already making self care referrals.

The Community Engagement Director represents the network partner perspective internally at NowPow, advocating for improvements to processes or functionality that will create an efficient, effective and fantastic experience for the community networks. Critical to success in this role is building expertise in how network partners serve their clients and how NowPow’s technology can make their jobs a little easier while maximizing the impact of their services. Ultimately the Community Engagement Director works to ensure that when CBOs are asked ‘Which closed-loop technology would you like to use?’ the overwhelming response will be NowPow.




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