About NowPow

NowPow, whose name is a play on knowledge is power, is a women-owned and led technology business based on Chicago’s south side. NowPow’s technology platform is a multi-sided, community resource network management solution that enables care professionals – social workers, physicians, justice workers – to manage and close the loop on health and social service referrals. The platform helps people get the care they need, whether they are managing chronic health and social conditions or just staying well.

Built on the scientific research of Dr. Stacy Lindau’s CommunityRx project, a $5.8 million Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) innovation award, NowPow pioneers the idea of “e-prescribing” community resources at the point of care. NowPow generates these personalized e-prescriptions by applying a rigorous matching methodology to our enormous inventory of community services and an individual’s personal health and social conditions – such as ability to pay, ability to travel, and so on.

Integrating with all major hospital and doctor electronic health record systems, NowPow produces community resource e-prescriptions that extend, complement and complete care plans given to the patient by providers, allowing for patient care to continue outside of the hospital.

We are searching for mission-driven, talented people for all of our departments. Please use the links below to apply. If you are selected for an interview, we will reach out to you via email.

NowPow Departments:

The Community Resources Department is responsible for building and maintaining the resource directory that powers NowPow’s tools and technology. Our team of callers and auditors ensure that the resource directory is filled with detailed, accurate, and up-to-date organizations and service-level information. Expectation of all team members include a deep working knowledge of NowPow’s service taxonomy, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and strong quality focus.

The Technology Department collaborates across the NowPow departments to build and maintain the NowPow software platform. Our team of engineers works closely with the New Product Development Department to plan, develop, and test new features as part of our Agile release process. In addition, our engineers work closely with customers and the Implementation Department to integrate the NowPow software platform into our customers systems and platforms (including EMR’s and Case Management systems). Engineering team members need to be comfortable working with the full-stack, collaborating with other team members, and participating in all phases of the software development lifecycle.

The New Product Development Department manages the company’s entire product line with the vision of delivering elegant, intuitive, and game-changing products. NPD researches customer needs, conducts user testing, prototypes new functionality, and defines business requirements for new products.

The Implementation Services and Product Support Department is responsible for onboarding customers and supporting NowPow users post go-live. NowPow’s project managers are the primary point of contact for customers during the implementation process, and collaborate with key stakeholders to define scope and execute on project plan. The Implementation Services and Product Support team configures the technology to the customer’s specifications and manages the product support process to address NowPow users’ needs post go-live. The team collaborates across all NowPow departments, including the Customer Success and Technology departments, to ensure the successful launch of the technology.

The Analytics Department offers reporting and advanced analytics to customers and business intelligence to NowPow’s departments to help drive sales, adoption, and product improvement.

The Customer Success Department at NowPow partners with our clients to ensure our technology helps them achieve their goals. As a strategic adviser and the main point of contact for our clients, we constantly work to ensure client retention, user adoption and adoption growth, as well as find ways to expand our product touch whether through upsell or expansion.

The Sales Department develops and executes on the company’s growth strategy by prospecting new communities and building relationships with key stakeholders. The team introduces the platform to health systems, health centers, payers, municipal health departments, and community-based organizations across the country. They write proposals in response to bids and negotiate pricing with prospective customers. As the public face of NowPow, they represent the company at conferences and events, develop marketing materials, and manage our social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Throughout the sales process, they collaborate with nearly all NowPow departments, particularly implementation and customer success.

The Finance Department is the glue that binds the business together. We plan our next 12 months' activities and measure progress against that plan. We manage our cash and ensure that we have proper financial controls. We establish metrics with each department and monitor our success against those metrics. Then we combine these activities to support our other functions such as legal, HR, contract negotiations, and pricing. Lastly, we know the numbers and make sure the CEO is well-prepared in communications with board, employees, investors, and company-wide.

The Human Resources Department is responsible for building NowPow’s high performing team and maintaining a unique and positive company culture. HR works with the hiring managers of each department to fulfill staffing needs by recruiting, screening, and interviewing candidates. HR also manages payroll, benefits, and new employee onboarding. Finally, HR organizes check-ins with department leads and team members to collect feedback and help manage employee relations.

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